Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Toe is Purple Because...

I have some weird injuries right about now.
First, there is my toe that is still 1/4 purple from last September. It's slowly decreasing, but it takes a while to recover from being hit hard and then having had a lunchtable run over one...especially if you're a toe.
Then, there's teh slight abrasion I got on my hand from trying to open our milk carton last night. The lid is the weirdest thing, put on so tight. It is lots of ridges around the edges, and, well, I just could not get it open. My dad took it down to the basement and dealt firmly with it (and I think a wrench was involved). Anyway, the milk got open; but I realized part way through today that I still had a sore spot on my hand. At least the blood vessel I broke trying to turn off a lamp healed up.
Third, there is my knee that is colored red. Not all of, it just a part, but here is the list of what it could be from: (all in the skit we practiced for a very long time today -- though, the practicing was fun... once we got past the "that was really bad" part and started fixing things [thanks, Mr. Pan!])
  1. when I'm on my knees in front of Jesus at the beginning of the skit
  2. when I trip trying to walk/strut like the popular girls do
  3. when the fellow alcoholic bonks me on the head with her empty bottle and I fall to the ground (this is the prime suspect)
  4. when the pimp shoves me away
  5. when my boyfriend drops me from a dip while we're dancing...when another pretty girl walks by
  6. when I drop to the ground to try to piece together my torn apart (literally) heart
  7. when I go on my knees in front of Jesus again at the end of the skit

Many options...I think Jenny did it (she plays the alcoholic whose drink I drink).

Anyway...interesting injuries...

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I think Jenny did it, too. Tell her not to shove so hard. And have fun in Nashville!!!