Sunday, November 27, 2005


Hey you guys! I'm actually watching Revenge of the Sith right now.
So we had Thanksgiving and I ate lots of food and extra lots of pumpkin pie, including the day after.
Then today we went to a wedding. It was these people we know. She used to go to our school (with my sister), and then she taught there. I got to see some people we don't get to see very often, and that was cool. Worship was really good, and the service was half in Spanish and half in English. A passage was also read in Hebrew - I was really excited about that.
Talk to you guys later!


Kristen said...

anna elyse, you better comment on my blog b4 i kill u !!!!!! LOL! just kidding. i won't kill u, but i will tickle u until u drop dead. 4 anyone one who knows, i am able to do this since we go to the same skool. LOL! c u on monday (the worst day of the week according to Garfield. and yes, i did write the same thing on nanda's blog. HA!HA!HA!)

Kristen said...

p.s. who's wedding?

Nanda said...

Sounds like the wedding was fun! C U @ skool,