Sunday, November 20, 2005

Monarch of Pride and Prejudicy Thanksgiving

Hey, everybody!
It's been so long since I've posted. Thansgiving is just around the corner! We get Thursday and Friday off, and even the days we do have school is pretty low-key. Tuesday after lunch is all setting up the Harvest Party and then Wednesday is the Harvest Party.

So far, I've seen the new Pride and Prejudice twice. It is good. A lot of the characters are nicer: Jane isn't such an airhead, Darcy is gentler and you can see more of him sooner, Elizabeth's change in heart is well portrayed, Mr. Bennet is gentler, and Mary isn't as cold and you see more of Charlotte's reasoning in marrying Mr. Collins, and you feel kind of sorry for her (in the A&E/BBC one, she seems kind of cold-hearted and separated). It's more romantic, which I like, and don't fret if at the beginning of the movie, you're not sure about how Mr. Darcy looks, he'll grow on you (that's the way it was for my friend Stephanie. Much of this commentary was partly noticed by her.) They don't go into the Wickham situation quite as much, and Stephanie liked that. Wickham looks much like Orlando Bloom-just a warning. But Darcy is so sweet, and you do love him and you love watching him love Lizzie and love his sister.

And, I've really gotten into this show called Monarch of the Glen. Stephanie has a bunch of them recorded, and I have watched so much of it recently, it's crazy. It' skind of sad, though, because by the point I'm at watching it, the really important guy is gone (he was pretty cute, and the stuff his character did was interesting. He married the girl you wanted him to marry, and I really like watching him and his wife together. They're cute together). He's the laird of this estate in Scotland-everybody has accents, and, it's a fun show. And one of the actor's names is Hamish. and he always wears a kilt.

Anyhoo, here's a new post. Bless you guys! Love you!~


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Nice blog,
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