Monday, October 17, 2005

World Series

The White Sox are going to the World Series!! Now, I'm a Cubs fan, but I'm still way happy because Chicago is Chicago. Congratulations!!! Now, I just wonder who we will play!!

Also, on the night that they won their second game, I was with my friends making flaming cheese. We had fun and the first time it didn't light up, so we had to go get more stuff to put on it(alcohol) and then it flared up really high just as the Sox were walking victoriously off the field. It was funny because the flame was so high that everyone got scared and forgot to say "Opa!" Then Mr. Pan remembered when he saw the White Sox won. My friends got to ride a motorcycle too and we stayed up late. I have a lot of fun with my friends!! :) :) :)


Kristen said...

(Sniff, sniff) I wish you could have had fun with me too that night!! :( You make me saaaaad!! LOL! I want to make flaming cheese too!!!!!! Even though I''m the farthest thing from Greek. HA!! C U @ skool, Squeak! (thump, thump LOL!)

Kristen said...


Nanda said...

I do hope Sox end up winning,but I love that Cubs more!!!!!!!!!
C U later

hey also whats up with Europe u barely got to talk to me about it. We need to find time to talk about it. BYE!!!!!!!