Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm Back

Hey, everybody!
Sorry it's been so long since my last post. That was right when school started, right? Well, now I'm five weeks in and having a blast. I love the people around me. At the moment I just finished volleyball practice. This is the last month because then the season's over. My schedule is pretty full, actually. I have homework and then on Mondays and Thursdays I have volleyball, Tuesday I have worship practice, and Wednesday I go to my friends' house and we have tea. That is super fun, and I spend a lot of time with their family. I've kind of been grafted in, and it only adds that both our last names are Peterson! This past weekend, me, those two other Petersons, my friend Kristen who looks like me, and our friend (and math and science teacher) Mr. Pan went apple picking! We got to sit at Wendy's and eat frosties, and we bought a pumpkin, and we investigated why I bite weird.
You see, sometimes when I bite an apple, there's an extra little bit that was bitten above the big bite, but I only bit once. Is that confusing? I'll try to post a picture because we took a picture of the apple, and we took a video of me biting. Anyway, after we were investigating, I was biting under pressure and it didn't always happen. We had fun just hanging out.
I also would like to post the picture of the pine-apple my friends made. They took pine needles and stuck them in an apple and it was very prettiful.
Another thing about the apples: we had fun like taking one bite and finding out we didn't like it and just throwing it aside. The ones that are really good, at least right now, are either the Jonathans or the McIntosh (I'm not sure which one they are) Also, they were coated with pesticide, making them look white when really, by just rubbing the white stuff off, you could see that they were a shiny red. That's kind of gross-poison!
We thought that we would be able to pick the raspberries, too, but they weren't for picking yet. We just each picked one (except for Kristen) but it didn't taste very good, and we had just been discovering the pesticide, and now we knew that the raspberries were covered in it, too. The only thing is that trying the rub the pesticide off of a raspberry doesn't work very well.
Oh, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Hannah.
Also, friends, I would love it if you e-mailed me! I love hearing from you! I haven't heard from some of you in such a long time!! (Erin :)
Love to you guys and may Jesus bless you!


Kristen said...

Hey Anna! U r right. It was very fun, but a little wierd too.... by the way, the Jonagolds were good too. C U @ school!!

Nanda said...

Wow well it looks like your very buisy these days. Well I will e-mail you more. I don't really e-mail that much so its not like I'm missing you(like I would miss you)ok well c u latter,

Nanda said...
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