Friday, May 21, 2010

Midway through the Midwest

Here I am, painting, 'cause that's just what I do.

Actually, it's what I do at my parents' house. I arrived back in Chicago for a two week visit on Tuesday. My parents are moving (!!) to Kansas City (!!! again) and so I am here to help with various and sundry projects like painting the dining room trim, dusting the piano, and avoiding deadly spiders in the garage.

My mom was worried that I would be nostalgic about them leaving the house I grew up in, but I think I am just so overjoyed that they are going to Kansas City that my heart has no space to be nostalgic. Moving to Kansas City is, so far, one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I am praying it will be the same for them. The day I arrived marked the beginning of a new season - of healing, of the Lord's kindness, of overflowing, bubbly, uncontainable joy; I am hoping for the same for them!

Being in Chicago also means screaming, melt into each other's arms reunions with some heart sisters and wonderful, steaming Indian food with so many dear people. It means seeing Noemi's face for the first time in a year and eating at the Peterson's table again. Being in Chicago means wandering the halls of my old school and finding old cds in my drawers. [Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas! Holla!]

Last night, some friends and I went to a coffee shop that turned out to be delightful...Ipsento. We had read rumors of a nutella mocha, and it did not disappoint. The two baristas talked jovially with us, and it turned out they loved Jesus! The guy who made my drink asked what my favorite coffee shop was - I said Peet's in downtown Seattle. He promised to write a haiku on the spot for us if my drink wasn't better than Peet's. I tasted, proclaimed it to win over Peet's, but he wrote us a haiku anyways. It was about loggers. If a haiku about loggers doesn't make you want to go there, I don't know what will.

Hi Chicago. Thanks for being...authentic.


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Um, and could you please share said haiku? (Since nutella mocha would be cold by the time it got here...)

Charlotte said...

Nutella mochas? Christians? HAIKUS? You sold me. Hubs and I are definitely visiting next time we're in Chi-town.

Kacie said...

Ipsento was started and run by people in my church... or rather the church we went to when we lived here. I haven't figured out if it was a church project, or just an individual's vision that hired and recruited from my church, or what! I've never been, actually, but I have heard good things!

Unknown said...

Anna! you should write a haiku in your next post. i would read it. Oh, and i'm mainly commenting because - your family is moving to Kansas City!! wow. what a transition, i would think. Farewell ~

Anonymous said...

hi. I miss you. It's 2.48 in the morning and I should be sleeping but I started thinking about you, and anytime I think about you after midnight i automatically want a $1 icecream cup from hyvee.

I love you dear one.