Saturday, March 13, 2010

Live from Paradise

I'm in Hawai'i! On the flight in, I had to sign a declarations form that I wasn't bringing any strange budding plants onto the island. I caught my first sighting out the plane window at exactly 5:31pm local time, and have been in heaven ever since.

I am with one of my favorite families of all time and am just having an absolute blast. Got to spend some time at the University of Nations, which is a main YWAM base here in Kona. Their prayer room is fantastic. Just a simple sound system and a room full of people who adore Jesus, singing their hearts out.

Went to the beach with Chloe and by the time we left, my heart was a lot lighter and my smile a lot bigger.

At night me, Chloe, and Nick drove up a mountain to see the stars. We could see the city lights below us, but the lights above us far exceeded them. I have never seen anything like it. There are SO MANY stars. You don't know these things when you've grown up in a city. :) They were so clear and they were everywhere, and I just laid my head backwards out the window and sat in amazement. Every one of them has a name. Every one is seen by Jesus every day.

Hawai'i reminds me that God is good, and that He is close. He is close to my every day life, and He is beautiful all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there. Thought of you today for no apparent reason. Sounds like things are good. Glad you got to go to Hawaii!