Friday, September 25, 2009

The Absence is Explainable

Oh, there is so much I could write. I logged onto blogger tonight to find out that there is also so much I could read. My life has been hijacked by college. I don't know what I expected, but somehow I forgot that part of being on a college campus is, uh, being in college, and let's just say I have hardly read any blogs in the past weeks, much less wrote any (which you well know).

Since it is 11:45pm, and though I am reveling in the glory of having just finished my four-page paper, the truth is I have more to read. Writing for the general public's edification and encouragement (hopefully) will have to wait for the weekend (which is only, like, 20 hours away). I'll leave you with this: tonight, in trying to survive Paper-Mania, I began going through the Jesus Culture songs on YouTube. We've all heard "How He Loves", but the other ones I have somehow missed out on. Don't ask how many times I listened to "Your Love Never Fails", or "Your Love is Everything"...and then there was this one. These are the kinds of verses that make me just melt into begging the Lord to let me write songs. Listen to it a few times, rewind it so you can hear it again: "Words can never say the way He says my name..."


Anonymous said...

you. I miss you. I miss your blogging. I miss your smile. I miss your laughter flitting down the hall and into my office. I miss you awkard -suddenlyappearinthedoorwayofmyofficeandjuststandtherecauseilookbusyorcausemybossistalkingtomeanthenjustassuddenlyyouawkwardlydissapear. Yup. I said it. I miss that.

And while you tried to discipher that sentance, you squinted your eyes and your mouth was probably parted while you concentrated, you probably broke it down and actually put the spaces in between the words so that you could tell exactly what I said. And when you figured it out, you probably laughed, out loud, in a public place, and it was probably high pitched, and you probably shook your head and smiled.

I miss that too :* (LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU)

Love or Nothing said...

that song is SO good. i've been listening to it for a while now and i love putting it on in the morning when i'm commuting to work.. the Lord just flows through it! Jesus Culture is amazing.

hope college is going well.. hang in there if your workload gets tough!

Mary said...

Hey Annie!

That song was written by Sarah McMillan, and if you like it, you'll love her album! You can find it on iTunes, it's called Bright Wings...I think. :) She's married to John Mark McMillian who wrote "How He Loves." Great musicians out of MorningStar. Anyway, check her album out, it's one of my faves!! :)

Mary M