Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I want to go on a road trip!!!

Hey, everyone! Here are a couple pictures from my sister Elizabeth's wedding in May (well, one picture..they just take so long to upload! there is another I want to show you)! We had a lot of fun! Well, as my last post stated, my sister Amy is here, but tomorrow she and good friend Kim set out on their journey to Tacoma, Pac NW! Tomorrow night they'll be on a friend's family farm in South Dakota, and then the next days in Montana visiting Glacier National Park. They're gonna have a lot of fun!!! Today they were packing up the car, and it made me want to go with them!! But school starts next Tuesday! I'm excited to see Jesus' plans unfold during the year!

P.S. I will try to post a pic of orange room soon!!! :)


Nanda said...

Hi Anna,
I want to go on a road trip, but i have one concern. I get to drive!!
Yah that's right I want to drive. I'll be carefull on the highway(not). Talk to you latter,

Kristen said...

nice picture! ariel is soooo cute!
ttyl!!! -Kristen